TangoDJ's 2024

Lucas Malec 450x325

Lucas Malec ‘El Taberno’ (Argentina)

Lucas comes from the Caballito district in the heart of Buenos Aires and currently lives in Amsterdam. A musician and dancer, he is a founding member of the Pannonica Tango Quartet.
As a DJ, his music is characterised by energy and he is known for keeping dancers emotionally engaged to the point of intoxication, which is why he is known as El Tabernero. He has played at important milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires and Europe, such as Buenos Aires Tango Salon, Metz Abrazo Tango Festival, Holland Tango Festival, Frostbite Festival (Finland), Rosario Tango Festival, Santa Milonguita, Academia de Tango, Amsterdam Tango Marathon, Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Maldita Milonga, Salon Canning, etc. Always with quality tracks that he selects and enhances in his studio.

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Jo Switten (Belgium)

Jo Switten, also known as El Huracán, came into contact with Tango Argentino in the late 1980s. He took his first lessons in 1990 and immediately fell in love with the music, the dance and the social aspects of milongas. At the time, there were not many opportunities to dance, so he started collecting tango records and started DJing at national and international tango parties.
Jo is passionate about tango but is not a librarian or archivist of tango music. He strongly believes that a good milonga is about fun, about the pleasure of dancing and being together, without losing the authentic character of a true Argentine salón de tango. Prepare for an evening of dancing and a good atmosphere. Los esperamos por una noche de garufa!

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Michele Sottocasa (Italy)

Michael hails from Venice and has more than 20 years of experience as a DJ. He has been shaping the scene in Veneto for decades and is widely known in northern Italy and Lombardy as a beloved and popular DJ. With the 100% traditional milonga “Picaflor” in Venice, he is the pioneer of the milonguero scene in northern Italy.
Michele is also the organiser of the Encuentro series “Rendez-Vous Milonguero” in Bologna and Venice. Michaele plays music from the 30s and 40s and puts special emphasis on social dancing, that is, everyone with everyone and curiosity about new things.

TuC 450x325

Torsten Krück and Christine Frühauf (Germany)

Tango means a lot to Christine and Krück. They have been dancing tango for almost three decades, DJing for more than 10 years and organising encuentros since 2014. Their hearts beat with Troilo, their feet play with Donato – the music of the golden age inspires them as dancers and DJs.
This is their favourite Milonga cocktail: mix 5 cl Forties and 2 cl Thirties, add 1 teaspoon Sixties, a pinch of Fifties and 1 Pugliese cherry. Add cream or pepper to taste. No ice. Enjoy with delicious cortinas and a lovely embrace.

Igoris 450x325
Igoris Saburov (Lithuania)

Igoris is a tango DJ specialised in music from the Golden Age. He is known for his ability to openly respond to his audience’s interests. Igoris has presented his art in several countries in Europe, including Belarus (Minsk), Belgium (Bruges, Mouscron, Antwerp), Estonia (Tallinn), France (Paris, Nantes), Germany (Bad Schwalbach, Kehl, Veckenstedt), Italy (Bolzano, Noci, Merano, Reggio Emilia, Turin, Milan, Treviso), Latvia (Riga, Jurmala, Jumurda), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevezys, Nida, Palanga, Klaipeda), the Netherlands (Nijmegen), Poland (Warsaw, Torun, Olsztyn), Portugal (Lisbon), Russia (Pskov, Moscow), Sweden (Stockholm), Spain (Nerja), Slovenia (Rogaska Slatina) and Ukraine (Kiev).
His remarkable ability to adapt musically to his audience has made him one of the best tango DJs in Europe.

Jacques Rombauts (Belgium)

Organiser of Encuentros Boca Antwerp, Sélys Milonguero and Xmas in Embrace as well as Milonga Milonguero Nieuw Kwartier in Antwerp. In his 25 years as a tango dancer, he evolved towards the Milonguero style. He has been DJing for over 17 years, playing tandas at milongas, festivals and encuentros in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia and Spain. He always chooses danceable energetic feel-good music from the Golden Age Orchestras and ever in function of the dancers on the pista.